Written by Akanksha Varma

The Carnival’17, which was held over the weekend on April 1 and 2, was a perfect way to kick off the incoming summer. Set up near the open stage, the place had been beautifully decorated with lanterns and fairy lights; there was a makeshift pond, and the path was lined with food and entertainment stalls. One of these stalls belonged to Team Feeding India.

The stall had had two main attractions. The first one was a Harry Potter trivia Quiz, with 3 difficulty levels. There were two types, with or without Horcrux, costing Rs. 30 and Rs. 40 respectively. The second game was a coin toss, in which one had to toss a coin in a ring inside a bucket filled with water. A person could toss twice for a price of Rs.10 and Rs. 20. Only 3 people were able to complete the task. The prize for both the games was double the price paid for participation.


Managed by a team of 8 people, and set up on a budget of Rs. 300, it was a successful endeavor as they managed a collection of over Rs. 2200 in the span of two days, which will be used by the Team for their upcoming events.


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