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Robo-Yantriki, the robotics society of SNU put up an arcade on the second day of the Carnival. The members of the society had prepared as many as five innovative setups, each with a particular objective for the participants of the corresponding games.

Hand bot, their flagship event for the Carnival consisted of a bot interfaced with a wrist-band that the users could wear to interact with it. This was the first of its kind setup from SNU and managed to attract quite a few eyeballs because of its unique structure.

Their second event, motor-boat racing involved completing a lap of the course in the specially designed pool in the shortest time possible. Interestingly, the same motor boat had secured the third position during the Battle of Waterloo event at Apogee, the annual technical fest of BITS Pilani last month.

Next up, they had Beast – a unique bot that kept on reprogramming its controls at regular intervals. This bot puzzled the participants as they struggled to constantly rewire their brains in an effort to tame the bot and get it through the course.

Apart from this, members of the society had put up mini-projects as a part of a showcase – allowing the visitors to interact with them and to understand how robots can be used to create fun games. This included Beat Box and the mini-game Stop It. Beat Box involved a simple hand-made synthesiser set paired with a beat addition interface – all designed around a single microprocessor and normal speaker system. Stop It, on the other hand, was a test of the participants’ hand-eye coordination as they had to press the button as soon as the light in the centre was switched on. The challenge was to keep doing this even as the rate of switching of lights kept on increasing. The game was so addictive that some participants ended up playing it for as many as nine times in their effort to beat their own high scores!

All in all, it was a very successful day for Robo-Yantriki and they managed to involve a lot of students in their events and give them a taste of what the society actually does.



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