The Carnival 2017 witnessed a wide array of events conducted by different student societies of SNU. Like every other club, the MUNSOC also came up with an offbeat event. We all know that the SNU MUN is a society that focusses on enhancing skills like critical thinking, public speaking, group communication, policy analysis, negotiation and conflict resolution among others. But for the Carnival, they came up with an unconventional event – “The Three Broomsticks” to test all the Potterheads on campus. The event was  a rapid fire of five questions drawn from the books and movies of the Harry Potter series. The event was themed so as to publicize one of their upcoming events.They collected a nominal fee of Rs.10/- for a single attempt and Rs.20/- for three attempts, each of five questions. For a person who has read all the books and watched the movies as well, the questions were quite easy. Some of the questions included “What is Seamus Finnigan’s blood status?”, “Which coloured gown does Hermione wear to the yule ball according to the book?” and “What is Hogwarts’ school motto?”The event started at around 6 p.m. on the 1st of April. Over a course of four hours they received around thirty participants but nobody gave the right answers to all the five questions and hence no one was announced a winner. One participant-Ms. Sahiti Kunchay, came pretty close by giving four correct answers.



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