Campus Caravan was founded in 2015 as the official student-run e-Newspaper of Shiv Nadar University, India. The aim was to create an atmosphere of debate and to foster healthy discussions not just on topics that concern the student community at SNU but also other pressing issues that extend beyond the boundaries of our campus. Right from the start, it was envisaged as a medium of change – a platform that could make people think, discover and learn – a vision that we continue to carry as our guiding principle even today. The key idea that spurs us on is our keen awareness that we are always tapping into a potential for change. Potential is the key word here because there is no end to the world around us and the vast motley of relationships that we share with it. While we keenly observe the present as a news platform should, we also have our eyes strongly set in the future and the immense possibilities it carries.

Nearly two years later, a lot has changed. From the tiny team that started the paper, today we are a family of more than 30 highly passionate wordsmiths, designers and web developers who are constantly at work creating and developing content, holding events and doing a whole lot more to reach an ever-growing reader base. The most significant change, however, came in June 2017 when we shifted from a quarterly PDF edition to the website that you see here – which not only allows us to deliver au-courant content on a much more frequent basis but also gives us the power to reach, interact and engage with the global community – something that was just not possible with a PDF.

With great power comes great responsibility, as they say. As we continue to expand through this new, completely independent platform, it will be our consistent endeavor to deliver an unbiased and intellectually stimulating experience to our readers.

Campus Caravan, then, represents a whole lot more than your characteristic tabloid. It stands for a movement – a collective dream to challenge and navigate through our reality with integral and intrepid reportage. We invite you to join us on this journey of rumination, understanding, and exploration.


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