A break from normality

Written by Keerthana Perumal

When your stomach is growling for attention or if you’re just looking to treat your taste buds, it’s typical to head off to the kathi roll shop and order a roll that you’ve probably had millions of times previously. Even though there are several other options available, our mind immediately goes to the one we’ve tried before, one that we know for sure tastes amazing and will be certain to satisfy our gustatory cravings.

We humans are indeed creatures of habit. There is a certain structure and order in all our lives that we either consciously or unconsciously follow, like an ant that follows a pheromone trail. It doesn’t know for sure if food lies at the end of it, all it knows is that it must follow. Whenever the slightest deviation occurs in the said structure we feel threatened or uncomfortable, just like the ants that when thrown off the trail are utterly lost and left without a sense of direction. They scramble frantically to get back on the trail and we instantly retreat back into our comfort zone. It’s like a cave that we’ve built for ourselves, a place of comfort and peace where nothing can go wrong.

It’s a collection that spans every aspect of our lives, from the activities we indulge in and the things we choose to learn, to the smallest things like choosing a flavour of ice cream.  It’s nice to hang around in that bubble, it’s safe, easy, and everything’s going to plan. But unfortunately, if you stay in there too long there’s never going to be any scope of expanding it. You’ll just be, well, stuck.

Think about it. Whenever you’ve tried to start out something new, what exactly tried to stop you? It’s just that initial sense of fear and uneasiness that prevents you from moving forward. However, it’s a given that stepping out of this bubble requires a tremendous amount of courage and belief. It could mean leaving a stable, well-paying job to chase your dreams. Or it might be leaving the city to start a new life in an entirely new place. But it starts with the small things. It starts with learning how jump off a cliff knowing there might not be a safety net, all that you have in possession to save yourself is belief in your own capabilities and a blinding, even nonsensical trust in the fact that when you hit the water, you’re going to be able to swim back to the surface, no matter what.


So pick up that bubble wand and blow yourself more bubbles, and swing that pick-axe along the walls of your cave, give yourself a little more room in there. And just maybe, you might get around to eating every roll on that menu.

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Keerthana Perumal

An obsessive fangirl, a constant daydreamer, and a wannabe philosopher. Consider yourself lucky to find me in this universe because I'm usually off gallivanting in some cotton candy kingdom

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