What Wall?

Written by kreetycrawly


You are holding out a hand to me
To what ends it does not do to dwell
The ends may well be all that ends itself
But truly only time can really tell
Today I hold my hands in open prayer
Then reach out, timorous, towards yours, you see
That final frontier has now been crossed
You have, a hundred times, reached out to me
I never have, and never shall I be
So closed a drum as was I these past years
You ask of me to come across myself
You ask me to be brave, address my fears
My friend, my distant confidante
You’ve never been as distant as you think
I accept your arguments put forth
Tonight perhaps I shall not sleep a wink
But you are pushing me to yes, evolve
And for your sake, and mine, evolve I will
I have and always shall keep faith in you
I accept your friendship still
These words do not put me across from you
I am ready, I strip away from me
The armour of the years that I have built
It will not do to escape scrutiny
And maybe just right now I’m at a loss
For words and acts to finally show here
But my friend, trust me when I say
You are amongst the ones I held most dear

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Impulsive poet. Hungry for connection.

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