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Among the myriad of colors and emotions flowing through the stalls, tents and the canopies in the carnival, there stood an umbrella stand which housed an armory of weapons. The Weaponsmiths event by club Mythiya  required the participants to use their imagination (and art) to forge a unique weapon which is very lethal when inflicting damage. The entries received varied from blades that cause splits in space-time and manipulated reality to those that help curb Sexism and Poverty ( definitely one can give them points for being imaginative), to guitars, nuclei and angry women (!!!) that were perceived as potential weapons. All of the entries received were commended for the imaginative and the creatively-destructive genius residing in the minds of SNUites. The participants were allowed to submit multiple entries and there was no entry fee for the competition.

The weapon that stood out, the one that exceeded all of the others in usability, design, uniqueness and awesomeness was the lethal combo of the Xanathos Legion and the Zenoblade. Conceptualized by the winning Weaponsmith, Sai Sekar Charan, the pair of blades was chosen by the jury as the best of all the entries.



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