As the season changes, our wardrobe needs to change too, right? It’s time to kick off those shoes and hop into those fuzzy boots and bask in the warm sun with a cup of hot chocolate. Since most of us are probably going to make a shopping trip, we might as well buy what we need this winter.

Here’s a list of a few must-haves for winter that trust me you will not regret spending money on!

  1. Black/brown boots

This isn’t rocket science. I think we all ‘need’ a pair of those warm fuzzy furry black or brown boots that we slip into without giving much of a thought. However, one can always experiment with little colour. You can always go a little bolder and try out olive green, maroon or dark blue or dark purple. They all go blend in with the winter mood and add a touch of style to your outfit. A pair of warmers would also make your winter look cosier!

  1. Black leather jacket

The most badass and casual piece of clothing one can own in winters is definitely a leather jacket! Not only they keep you warm but also add a sense of class to a very simple outfit like shirt and jeans and boots. If you don’t own this, you haven’t celebrated winter yet!


  1. A blanket wrap scarf

These blanket scarves are a must have for winter since they are really warm, cosy and look absolutely gorgeous on anyone! To have one of these in a pop colour such as pink, red or even grey, olive green and dark blue, add just the right amount of spark to your wardrobe.



  1. Black gloves

Well it’s more important to have the ‘phone-friendly’ ones. So you might want to try and use your phone before buying a pair of these.

  1. Long coat

Another classy piece of clothing one must have hanging for those windy nights is unquestionably a long (black/brown/beige) coat. Again, it fits perfectly in with almost anything from jeans, formal wear for dinners or a winter dress for day brunch.

  1. Turtle neck

I think we all would agree with the comfort and convenience these cosy turtle necks provide? Feeling lazy? (Which we all do throughout this season) Just put this on with pants and voila! Less effort, more comfort.




  1. Cashmere sweater

Sweaters are obviously the most important thing in winters, and owning a cashmere sweater just makes life easy in these lazy days. These are found in enormous variety, patterns, designs and colours for men and women, both. Wearing them with a contrasting shirt inside just adds an oomph factor to that outfit!


So guys and girls?

Get ready to make heads turn and eyes roll.

Let’s go shopping! And DO NOT worry about ‘a lot’ of money on these. You don’t have to go to the fanciest stores to buy these. What are Dilli street markets for?


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