Written by Aditi

Wind in my hair, my glasses on

And suddenly, the journey is so much clear

I can see the plains stretching out,

Saying my destination is near

The bold letters I leave on dawn,

Fading sounds of country-side I hear,

Reminisce of storms gone,

Reminders of storms coming my way,

But the skies complain,

Drawing me out of my reverie,

I listen to them grumble, chuckling;

Oh, I won’t hear you after awhile,

Won’t see your painter’s palette

Feel the breeze murmuring

When shut in, when this road ends.


End in sight and I am suddenly contrite

Thinking of the bold letters left behind

As I journey on away

From Dadri to Delhi and back again

On and on,

Both asking me to stay

But the wind comes calling

And the rains whisper what I desire,

The desire to be in the in-between,

The gravel beneath my feet,

Wandering aimlessly,

I am happy to never reach,

Just be here,

Hear, see, feel, perceive;

Wind in my hair, my glasses off.

About the author


A movie enthusiast, I thrive on classics and dairy milks. Writing and reading poetry is my nirvana. A second-year English major.


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