Written by Aditya Badola


Evil, we’re evil, we keep spilling blood

Smile and brush off-dusting off dirty mud.

Bold big bold statements, say we’ll keep but we won’t

Print page after page why we should do what we don’t

Here literature destroys us, we are spit worthy blobs

If no one is perfect, why do you wait for their nods?

We’re humans the smartest, it’s a fact don’t you know

We live in an irony-we don’t reap what we sow

Tales after tales there is over expression of thought

People scramble over words more often than not

There is dearth of new content I fear that we waste

A life in bad humor and plastic debates

Pretty boys Pretty Girls, cut your blood thank your genes!

Hundreds of faces cut themselves in between

To tear through that ugly and look like their dreams

Just fake skin and crowns on fake kings and queens

Word after word more lips get a taste

Pretending to mean what they say but its only a waste

Don’t say it gets better as if you’re damned with a care

You’re cardboard. I’m paper. But both of us tear.

Its chaos! It’s madness! Relations killing each other

Bad words, blinding colors, sons lusting for mothers

Temples and businesses are banks vaulting venom

Simple speech is an effort, hope is a venom

Death is a mockery, there is love for that venom

Oh cry if you’re born! It’s poisonous. It’s venom.

About the author

Aditya Badola

My best friend said every person is an incomplete book; I write for the thrill of each page.

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