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  1. 7th March 2017 was a day of epic proportions (or portions?) because let’s just say a lot of people got served ! The dramatics society, Imprints, conducted a roast event of the cultural clubs of Shiv Nadar University and it created quite a stir. Imprints approached the other clubs to gather participation and approval a few weeks prior, assuring them that the roast will be carved turn by turn with a pre-set script. Thus with the table laid and knives sharpened, the day of the feast soon arrived.

      It was a first (in my campus life), that SNU standard time did not hold because a flood of spectators landed up outside the doors of B315 by the given time, 8:30pm. While waiting outside with everybody else, I heard excited murmurings and cries of “Rajiv Chowk!” and when the doors finally opened I flowed in with the tide. Having secured a seat in the nick of time I waited while tapping my feet to catchy music (a desi version of ‘Starboy’ for example); once the auditorium was full, the posse of well-dressed hosts and  participants got onto stage to loud cheers.

   The club representatives were Anirudh Kishore (Snuphoria), Ishaan Arora (Mythia), Utkarsh Negi (Inferno), Deepank Deo (Imprints), Ashwat Mahendran (Visually SNU), Udaydeep Jindal (Sigree) and Srivatsan Krishnan as the stand-up comedian who ended the show. Each representative took turns in roasting the other participating clubs and so the uproar began.The stage hosts of course, Bharat and Ananjay, kept the ball rolling the whole time.

   It was a kind of gust of air that SNU needed to loosen up and address the cultural elephants in the room, in a healthy manner. What was truly commendable was that people mixed in jokes about themselves while pulling down their colleagues’ pants and it was a true sporting spirit. It is true however, that some toes were stepped on and some souls crushed (as a roast usually ends up overstepping boundaries due to its nature). Perhaps  some jokes were not thought through well enough, but an apologetic email was sent out by Imprints minutes after to put some soothing balm on the wounds. Let us hope that these subtle lines are maintained next time as we also acknowledge the apology and let bygones be bygones.

    For a first event from the new core of Imprints, it was a brave and maverick move. The lip-smacking crowd loved it and we hope to look forward to more hearty feasts like this. The show must go on and I hope there are more captivating events to attend this year. 


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