The Flamboyant UPPER bound

Written by Achal

Have you ever dreamed of achieving extra-ordinary heights in your life? If yes, then what is it that is stopping you from getting a step closer? Rise and shine!

Earlier this day, enjoying the cold breeze while standing at the terrace of a multi-storied building, winds gushing upon my face forced me into a beautiful simulation of my thoughts. Although, times like these are quite rare for me but whenever such a thing happens, I always wish I could live my entire life in that ‘single’ moment of ablaze. A cloudy sky often makes us wonder about the natural beauty of our atmosphere. At the same time, our world just seems to be another void among the many, protected by tightly bound fibers of a soft cotton ball but does it ever, act as a ‘bound’ for us?

It was before the mid-twentieth century that we had started exploring the realms that exist beyond our blue dot and more rigorously started to exploit the available technology to step into such realms as well. No doubt, we achieved a great deal of success in doing so. The famous astronaut YURI GAGARIN was the first person to experience a world full of new possibilities, our own cosmos. I don’t want to draw your attention much into the issue instead think about the role of TIME in our daily lives. Almost all of us in today’s’ scenario live a life of a defender, waiting for the ball to fall into our clutches. Although when the same strategy is applied to our life, it doesn’t work out well, isn’t it!

Times when I flip the pages of our history textbooks to ponder upon the pictures of some of our great freedom fighters in order to gain freedom, it leaves me awestruck that even though today we live in a free country yet we fail to intersect the very upper bound of time. I will get back to it in a little while, till then I’ll leave you with another situation to ponder upon. Have you wondered, where do the maximum number of things gain color in order to be visible to our naked eye?

This is one of the most interesting phenomena in nature. All of my friends having the slightest interest in science would definitely be aware of the stable states of an electron orbiting the nucleus constituting an atom. Also, farther away you travel from the nucleus, higher is the energy that electron is associated with and when an electromagnetic wave strikes the atom, the electrons tend to gain slight amount energy which forces it to a ‘level up‘. Simultaneously it doesn’t take it long to return to its original state as a result of which it emits some energy in form of an electromagnetic wave, which we tend to encounter every now and then. Isn’t it amazing that such a phenomenon occurs at least a billion times that too within a fraction of second!

Here is the haphazard ‘play’.

Imagine, if electrons had a brain that worked in a similar manner as that of ours. Just a small caution before running this simulation, you now are capable enough to work on time scales as small as one-fifteenth of a second. Which technically means, you still have more than two weeks in order to make a choice of jumping or not jumping to the higher energy state. Jumping, would now refer to climb up a wall of approximately a kilometer long, keeping in mind your return journey too! What decision would you tend to make?

An honest attempt would preferably lead to one of our favorite situations, ‘PROCRASTINATION’. Isn’t it? Hence the simple point I want to make here is if we choose not to fight against our weaknesses during our struggles to achieve the uNBeLievAble, to conquer the iMPoSsibLe, then what are we living for? When electrons as tiny as one-billionth of a meter aren’t bounded by their ‘uncertainty‘, why are we? Although scientists can’t be ranked based upon their contribution in pure sciences, still some of the legends always remain alive in order to constantly motivate and inspire us. One of them was Richard Feynman and I am always enthralled whenever I read his quotes, one of which is, “If you aren’t having fun, you aren’t learning anything because there IS a pleasure in finding things out.

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