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Inspiria, the corporate society of SNU, hosted the sole Business and Entrepreneurship event of Breeze’18, The Build Up. The event saw a total of about 25 participants, including a fair share of students from other colleges. The 4 round intensive event took place on Sunday, and went on for roughly 6 hours. The event was strategically planned, with each round testing skills that are vital requirements in today’s corporate world.

                The Build Up was a test of critical thinking, skill and competence, where teams had to undergo a series of rigorous challenges that pushed them to their limits. Starting off by vying for a vintage 90s product, teams then had to establish a strategy to build a viable company around their product. The various rounds tested the prudence, spontaneity, creativity, marketing and management skills of the participants

                The first round started off with a seemingly simple “Join the Dots”, wherein participants (in teams) were given multiple sets of 4 images, and had to find the company that each set represented. Mind you, it was anything but simple. Even with unrestricted access to the internet, the best scoring team was able to solve only 6 of the 10 questions. The questions involved far-fetched connections to the brands/companies, making it difficult to figure out the link between the images.

                The second was the mathematically technical Auction round, in which teams had to bid for resources that they would use to build a successful company and maximise their profits. The round saw some intense strategising and face-offs between teams, and kept everyone on their toes. Teams were completely engrossed in putting together the numbers, and bidding fiercely for resources they wanted. This round was followed by the all-important pitching round, where participants had to pitch their company in front of a panel of judges. This round saw a lot of creative re-inventions of popular vintage products, not to mention several innovative business strategies.

                The last round, by popular opinion, was the magnum opus of the entire event. The round was a simulation of a boardroom, in which participants took of the role of CEOs and HR/PR Managers of a popular company, and had to defend themselves after a situation that put them in a tight spot. Each participant faced several gruelling questions from the members of the board and stakeholders in the company that literally made them sweat in anxiety. The board was relentless, and participants had to fare really well to dig themselves out of trouble.

                Being the only Business and Entrepreneurship event of Breeze’18, Inspiria’s flagship event, The Build Up lived up to its reputation. The winners of the event, Revanth Gattamaneni and Adhithya Balasubramanian of SNU walked away with prizes worth 8k. After dominating the first two rounds, they fought it out in the subsequent two to win it handsomely. Atishay Jain and Aakriti Lalwani, also from SNU, bagged the runners-up and won prizes worth 4k. The third place was secured by, Mansi and Adithya, yet another team from SNU.

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