The Blessing Of Time

Written by Tejas Sharma
3:15 a.m.
I’m still, like water. I’m thinking of all the things I did today, since the time I opened my eyes to be a part of another day in my life. The room around me seems still. There is no movement. Just the clock ticking, and the fan circling its way round in the opposite direction of the former. I guess it’s time for retrospection, just like every other night.
Every night, time sees me as an old acquaintance maybe, and talks to me. It leaves everything it has to carry, every moment it is supposed to replenish with joy or laughter. The only one it acts upon, is me.
It is so generous, that it takes me back to each moment of every beautiful day that it blessed me with, but on one condition – I cannot change anything. But when you’re showered with such immense generosity, you just need to accept any condition.
Therefore I restrospect, in silence, every night when I meet my inner self, talking to me in the most humble and thoughtful way possible. There are no worries, no distractions, merely peace resides. There are both positives and negatives. On the short run, there are negatives. But on the long run, I believe destiny will take me far if I convert these negatives into positives.
On thinking enough, I realise every night what a terrible person I have become, living in this situation of chaos and pressure. Well, this is the reality of life nowadays. We have so many responsibilities that our inner peace is nowhere to be seen. All the pressure accumulates within us slowly, so much so that we can barely contain it within us. And that is what I do every night, get rid of this negativity within me, and settle things in my mind, when time stops for me.
I look forward to a better beginning than ‘today’ and just pray to my destiny, that it blesses me everyday, as it has been doing since I was a little kid. It has given me everything I could ever wish, and it will give me strength for my future too.
The key to inner peace? Patience. We just need to wait, and the time will eventually come. Success will arrive, positivity will prevail, dreams will come true!

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Tejas Sharma

My passion is writing poetry, and watching Breaking Bad on repeat.

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