Sigree, the culinary club of Shiv Nadar University organised an interesting event called ‘Testy Festy’ as part of the Carnival held on 1st – 2nd April, 2017. The event consisted of 4 rounds, each requiring a team of maximum two members. The total number of registrations was 25. The first round was named ‘Suck it up’, where one member of the team had to transfer gems from one bowl to another using just a straw. This round was successfully completed by all teams.

The second round, ‘Cookie Face’ involved one member of the team, who had to eat a biscuit placed on their forehead without using their hands. If all the biscuits were dropped, the team was disqualified from competing in the next round.

The third round, ‘Be Blind or Be Tied’ was completed in pairs. The hands of one team member were tied and the second member was blindfolded. The team member with the blindfold had to assemble a sandwich using instructions given by the other team member, at the end of which, the sandwich also had to be eaten.


The fourth round, ‘Solve it Like Sherlock’ involved each teamsolving a crossword puzzle with food-related clues. At the completion of each round, the teams were given the name of one ingredient. After the all rounds had been conquered, the teams were asked to name a dish which includes all the given ingredients. All of the four rounds had to be completed within 15 minutes. Two teams completed the last round, with duration of 6 minutes 51 seconds and 7 minutes 21 seconds respectively, out of 10 teams. The remaining teams were unable to complete the second round and a few failed to complete the task within the time constraint. Free food coupons were given as the prize to the top three teams. Let’s just say that the participating teams really had to sing for their supper!


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