No matter how much we brag about Indian skin being the ‘toughest’, we all NEED this. Walking in the scorching sun for 9 a.m. classes from the hostel to the academic block can seem no less than a mountain climb. Applying a little sunscreen, to save yourself from those UV rays at the exposed areas of the skin will definitely keep your skin from drying and chapping (yeah sounds nasty).

P.S. UV rays are strongest between 10 am and 4 pm


Summer can make you sweat from all the possible places, and I’m pretty sure nobody wants to look and smell that way. Keeping a pack of scented wet wipes in your backpack will save you from quite the trouble. We might have to pressurize the ‘mini mart bhaiya’ to get these, but it will be worth it. 

  1. Cap/Umbrella/Scarf

Well these are the most commonly available and efficient modes to keep your face from resembling a toast. Men mostly prefer to go with the snapback’s and the women can alternate between a scarf and an umbrella, according to their convenience or style. It would be safer NOT to forget these in the room especially if you have those 2-3.30 pm classes. A moment of silence for the humans living in and around 3A and 3B. We all know the pain.

  1. Water

I’m sure none of us want to dehydrate and faint on our way to classes. Keeping a small bottle of cold water is extremely necessary. Having this with you in your bag will also remind you to refill it from time to time.

(P.s. The D block water dispenser is not always full. And does not always have glasses).

(Now who isn’t thirsty seeing the image above?)

  1. Odomos

This weapon is to be brought out at night. As much as we enjoy walking with our friend/girlfriend/boyfriend after dinner and enjoy the cool night, these little bugs want to be friendlier with us. We all become chimpanzee’s scratching away at our feet and arms all night. To avoid this dreadful situation, all one needs to do is spray odomos a few times and we are good to go!


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