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It’s probably been a week now, getting up at six in the morning to attend my Calculus lecture. I must say, however vague and disordered it seems, this course is still capable enough of throwing me into a series of beautiful thoughts. One such ‘set’ of rigorous ponderings put me face to face with a certain realization about the frame of reference that we are all a part of.

We are bound to get affected by whatever we read, see or hear throughout the day. Assuming that you may have created some notion regarding the topic, consider this as an opportunity to pause and retrospect upon a silly question, WHO ARE YOU? Are you a part of the world’s stage as Shakespeare calls it? Or, are you one of those who sits outside this realm to look upon the elegant enacts of nature?

Interesting, isn’t it? Well, a thought experiment such as this surely doesn’t form a part of our daily routine but it’s the same question that the world faces time and again. Given the logistics, we usually tend to jump to conclusions as fast as possible, often skipping a very important step of mathematical modeling, that is, processing of that information. Coming back to the question, it is likely that you will land up being the ‘Actor’ in every situation of your life that you have come across. However, when you take a step closer, you realize that you have already been the ‘Spectator’ for a very short interval of time!

People have been skeptical about such things in the past as well. Isaac Newton, through his many scientific meditations, shifted the argument from “a bucket of water in a room” to the same bucket in its absolute form in space, which played a vital role in the formulation of the concept of frame of reference. Although, it simplified many problems of determining the position of an object based on the trajectory that it followed, it brought along the concept of ‘pseudo forces’ as well. Anyway, not entering the realm in full practicality, keeping in mind my non-science-background readers. The idea behind a small peek into the history is just to signify the vital role of choosing a frame of reference.

Often, this beautiful journey of life leads us to cross-sections when we need to stand out in order to take significant decisions. Among the daily hustle and bustle of our lives, we often find ourselves stuck in a tug of war between what is right and what is wrong. Ultimately, it is our choices that yield another drop of honey, although sweet, yet only after a rigorous churning of thoughts. It is that very moment when we are forced to be the Spectator which governs the act of being the Actor for that particular instant in this adventurous voyage. I know, by this point you might have dealt with a lot of introspection, hence, I’m not going to take this any further.

The point that I am trying to make is a simple one. Although, we all find ourselves so engrossed in our daily lives, yet today, we lack the very essence of being the Actor itself. It’s just like weaving a cloth out of a woolen ball but lacking the vision of that cloth you really wanted to weave.

Going by this analogy, we will be able to create a unique space for each individual in the society. Re-establish a world where peace prevails, where creativity triumphs over chaos. A place where we are truly able to enjoy and actively play a vital role in this enormous ‘paradox’.

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