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The SNUSL 2017 took place on the 26th and 27th of August. The auction went on for 10 hours over both the days and after some tiring and gruelling action many players were inducted into the clubs. The auction comprised of 417 players which was a record breaking number in SNUSL history. The clubs were quite keen on retaining their players from last year, especially the players from the 3rd and 4th years who have a lot of experience. Players who were capable of playing multiple sports were in demand and they went for a lot of points in the auction.

The auction started off with titans bidding for Hiran who was known for his skill at the basketball court. Titans, Supersonics and shadows went into an intense battle for Hiran and Titans bagged for a whopping 507 points. This was one of the most popular buys of the auction as Hiran broke the previous SNUSL record by 100 points and became the most expensive player in SNUSL history. Other popular buys of the auction were Sanjay Sajan and Abhishek Nair. Sonics started the bidding at 200 and the base price for Abhishek who was a talented football player went out of the window. Sonics faced severe competition for this player and they didn’t give up and bagged the player for 376 points. Sanjay Sajan was retained by the shadows for 321 points and this was not an  easy buy for the shadows as 4 other clubs were after him.


The auction this year had a massive turn out of about 350 people who came to watch the clubs locking horns and going after the players they wanted. At the end of the auction all the clubs were happy with their rosters and this year will surely have a stiffer competition when compared to last year. The SNUSL this year will be a treat to watch  for everyone on campus. 

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