The last weekend of October was packed with fun events. Planned by the Breeze Marketing team along with the Cultural Committee, it was fittingly called Rocktober: A Pre-Breeze Jamboree. A three-day event, it was a wonderful blend of music, dance, games and delectable food. Friday night was the Viva Las Vegas- Ball and casino night, Saturday was the All Hallows Night, just in time for Halloween, while Sunday was a little more casual, perfect after two days of unending madness, called Color Chords. The venue for the all the events for the weekend was the chess garden.

Day 1: Viva Las Vegas

Out of the three evenings of jamboree, the Viva Las Vegas was the one that aroused a lot of excitement. The evening was intended to bring to us the vibes of the entertainment capital of the world – Las Vegas. The most enticing event of the evening was the Vegas Ball which was a fancy parade with women dressed in dresses and gowns while the men looked handsome in their fitting tuxedos. The befitting soothing music performed by Snuphoria brought in the mandatory aspect of the ball – romance. The songs ranged from Bollywood melodies like Bin Tere and Lag Ja Gale to classic English tunes like Can’t Help Falling In Love and Wonderful Tonight. The Breeze decor team did a laudable job as the chess garden was adorned by enchanting lighting and eye-catching decorations contributing to the perfect ambience for the evening. Glowing dice and the cube made of playing cards, which were a part of the décor, brought out the essence of Vegas. The casino part of the event hosted five games in total. It included a Vegas-style Bluff master as well as the desi style gambling game Teen Patti. Apart from the dreamy ball dance, some gala time too was imparted by the casino. Now coming to the best part – the food stalls. Our beloved Georgia Cafe offered pizzas, ice teas and much more. There was a stall for badam kheer, fitting perfectly with the cool night, one selling ice creams and a chaat stall that served gol gappa (a huge crowd-puller!) and other chaat delicacies. This perfect Vegas style evening with the food, casino and the Vegas ball, commenced at around 8 p.m. and ended by 11:30 p.m.

Day 2: All Hallows Night

The night of frivolity was followed by All Hallows Night- the second night of pre- breeze jamboree, to bring in the eerie Halloween spirit. The zest among the mob was undiminished on the second day and it was evident from the efforts put in by many in showing off in a spooky costume. The face painting event organized by the Masters in Fine Arts students aided in perfecting each of the ominous getups. The icing on the cake was the bonfire the added on to the heat of the event. The crowd went crazy and shimmied along the peppy DJ songs. After an exhaustive hour of dancing, the bonfire was perfect for lazing around with hot jalebis and ice cream. There were additional food stalls but, the cotton candy and jalebis were the actual showstoppers this time. So, the second night was a perfect blend of food, fun and costumes to celebrate this Halloween.

Day 3: Color Chords

The last night of the weekend extravaganza that was Rocktober was a low-key, musical evening, which is what everyone needed after two days of unadulterated enjoyment. The previous days eventfulness did not in any way stop people for showing up in their best attire, with women clad in vibrant dresses and men in their flamboyant clothes. The area was bathed in bright stage lights and fairy lights in the surrounding areas set a mellow atmosphere. The wide range of the songs performed, from slow, richer songs to fast paced, crowd-pleasing tunes, assured that there was music to please everyone. The stage was open for performances, both from Snuphoria and from people outside. The event flagged off with a performance by Mukul and Shenjit at 7:30, followed by Tyesha and Manav, after which Anurag, Bharat, Manas, and Vinayak performed. Each was an hour-long performance, with kept people entertained. The event, and by extension, the fest, was wound up by a beautiful performance by Snuphoria.  Food stalls serving a variety of foods to suit everyone’s palate, right from hot jalebis to pizzas and burgers from Georgia to cotton candy complemented the serene night.  The event ended around 10:30 p.m. with the amazing performances leaving the crowds satiated from a fun weekend.



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