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The Civil Engineering club organised two events: Jenga and House of cards. “due to windy conditions we had to cancel the ‘House of cards’ event and change it to Jenga instead”, said club Associate Secretary, Swati Ganeshan. The participants enjoyed a fun game of Jenga with their friends and a few of them kept coming back for more!

The enjoyment in the game is in removing a wooden brick from a stacked tower of wooden bricks without the entire structure toppling over. Participants didn’t have to apply any complicated formulae, they simply had to use skill and delicacy to remove the brick. The participant who removed the brick resulting in the toppling of the structure lost the game and the winner took back 50 rupees, and that’s 20 rupees more than what he/she had paid !

Swati’s closing comment, “The turnout was good and everyone had a good time”, tells us everything we need to know about the success of the event this Carnival.




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