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31.03.2017 : Pakistan’s national anthem? Translation of Gangnam style? Snuphoria and FACTion finally collaborated this Friday to introduce a fresh and creative genre of quizzing to the SNU community! B315 came alive, buzzing with excited murmurs and light music slipping from the high-perched speakers. By the time the hall had accommodated a significant strength, the sounds inside were interspersed with regular sound checks from the musical performers of the night. Around 32 teams with two members each stepped up for the challenge, with a chance to win AudioTechnica headphones and Skullcandy earphones. The quiz was indeed highly anticipated due to the clever marketing and advertising that went behind it. The two dozen questions asked as part of the quiz had the entire hall thinking hard and fast as the anchors for the show, Avanth Gunthur, Karan Prahraj and Mihir Kothari teased the contestants with hints off and on. Audio clips, character descriptions and funny memes were major segments amidst the variety of questions asked. The audience grasped the tension equally well and answered the audience round questions in excitement. In between, a classic music session and an impromptu performance by Snuphohoria’s Gaurav Misra, Mihir S Kothari and Abhinandan Menon entertained the humble gathering. The final round however, only welcomed 6 successful teams with an aim to spear through the tricky questions that spanned trivia from timeless classics like ‘War Pigs’ to the modern day ‘Shape of you’. The winners in the audience including those from the public advertising clues, were awarded glossy posters for their efforts. FACTion really did do justice to the musical theme with tricky questions which were successful in inducing ‘Ah’s and ‘Ooh’s of realization from the crowd during the screening of the answers. The winners, Nishant Vinayak Giridhar and Nirupam Dey plus the Runners up, Sridhar Rengaramanujan and Koushik would surely not beg to differ.

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