Written by Inika Hazarika

The carnival was a small, colourful space concentrated with fairy lights, fun and a ribbon-jellyfish centerpiece. The various clubs put up their engaging stalls of activities and among them Kalakriti too had their own unique contribution to make. In the flavour of a hippie, free-flowing fiesta, the art society had two activities: a tattoo parlour (courting with every parents’ nightmare) and stress painting. Carnival goers could get a taste of sporting a tattoo as they pay as per filling and size, which the Kalakriti members would oblige with their skills. There were talks of convincing Vignesh Gurumoorthy to get a blue arrow on his shiny-smooth head (like the Last Airbender).

Stress painting involved a super-size canvas with plates of paint near it and  people could go crazy by dipping sponges in it and freestyling on the canvas. No form, skills, pressure of any sort…just play-painting to relieve all the pent up stress an SNU student accumulates at an average. The Carnival would have been incomplete without a little splash of art to add more life and oomph to the festivities. It is safe to say that the fest added a little colour to our lives this year as we spent a weekend lazing around almost Coachella style.

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