IRTIQA | DAY 3 | ’17

Written by Varuni Chandola

The event organized on Day three of Irtiqa was an Improvisational (Improv) event. The teams, Udant, Mashaal and Chaplins were contesting for three intriguing segments.

The event kick started with AD-MAD. Teams were asked to select five members who would endorse rather unconventional products like ‘phata kurta’ (torn kurta), ‘tuti chappal’ (broken slippers) etc, under 5 minutes.To continue with the madness set by the first show the next segment was introduced.

The next segment was called the Role-Play. In which one member from each team was given a character to enact. All three members were given a common (yet a not so common) situation where they had to act out their characters respectively on the command of the judges. The situations were unconventional as well, like for instance it included a mom and a dad trying to sex educate their son in a ‘sanskari way’; Narendra Modi inviting Rahul Gandhi and Arvind Kejriwal before the night of demonetization to let them be in on it.

The creative spectra of the event were widened by the last segment of the event: The Roast Battle. Unlike AIB’s roast, Imprints’ Roast Battle bagged all laughs and zilch controversies. One member from each team was supposed to be a comical impressionist of SRK, Salman or Aamir Khan.

The spin-off was that the preparation time was given when the Improv event started. Each team got 2 minutes on the stage to roast the other two.To wrap up the event all team leaders (3 from each team) were asked to come on stage and share their experiences. Manu Aggarwal (Batch of 2017) gave a heartfelt speech of his time in Imprints.

The Judges namely Mrs. and Mr. Nishant Mishra and Mrs. and Mr.Rajiv Swarup declared the results. Mashaal bagged the first position. Both the other teams were highly commended for their competence in demonstrating a very good manipulation of time and dramatic skills.

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