IRTIQA | DAY 2 | ’17

Written by Varuni Chandola

“Aao aao naatak dekho”

The distinction between Tamasha and Natak was clearly marked when young and enthusiastic SNUites staged and brought glory to the three-day event of IRTIQA by performing nukkad natak on the second day.

Three Natak Mandali(s) namely Udant, Mashal and Chaplins had different tales to tell. The street play by Team Udant was called “Work in progress – sorry for the inconvenience”. The main objective was to mirror the society from yesterday’s 1 to today’s 100. It highlighted everyday intolerance and depicted failure of the authoritative figure and their faulty promises. Mashal highlighted a similar stark undertone with a performance on the theme of Naxalism. The name for the street play was SAVERA. Talking with the team revealed that when they talked to the people about Naxalism, no one knew about it. So as to identify the roots of Naxalism the team underwent research and interacted with people regarding the same. After all the research, the team devised the set of dramatic events to tell the masses about its origins and its persistent nature. The major goal was to remove the barrier that hampers communication between people, government and naxalites. Chaplins framed their play on a more interactive and engaging topic of ‘sports culture’. It highlighted numerous barriers that our sportspersons have to go through, be it with the authorities or with the society. Predominantly, media’s preference of cricket over any other sport and depiction of irrelevant news other than the ones those are actually important.

Mount SNU, which served as a Nukkad for the event, was packed with spectators who appreciated the creative way of spreading awareness. Moreover, Mashal ignited the thoughts and blazed away from the competition by victoriously depicting its subliminal message.


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