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Imprints, the theatrics society of SNU organized the third edition of their annual intra-club festival, Irtiqa from 15th to 17th April 2017. Irtiqa comprises of three different events – short movie, street play and an improvisation event where the teams – Udant, Mashaal and Chaplins compete for a magnificent trophy each year.

The first event of the three day long fest was the short film contest. The teams had worked day in and day out for over two months to get their films ready in time – going out for the shoots, recording the audio tracks and syncing everything. The films – completely produced, directed and written by the students themselves were designed as short twelve minute musicals with a combination of music, dance and drama.The teams took on an additional challenge this year – to have a thirty second scene in the movie with no audio in it – an extremely challenging task considering the musical nature of the films.

First up, was team Udant with their short film Mujahir – a tale of love in the aftermath of the Bathla House encounter in Delhi. The film, set in the environs of Jamia Millia Islamia University and the surrounding areas shone for the brilliant portrayal of the tense situation given the extensive raids that followed the encounter and the subsequent isolation and targeting of a certain community.

Next in line was Tohfa, a Chaplins production. This film was focused on the beautiful relationship that a mother and her daughter share and how the daughter manages to continue with her life after losing her mother because of the gift of resilience that her mother had left her with. She feels that her mother is guiding and protecting her through every step of her journey. This film was widely appreciated for the great depiction of the sensitive personal relationships portrayed in it.

Rounding up the trio was team Mashaal with their production, Anumodita, a tale of a girl with a widowed father – fighting to pursue her passion of dance. The tale also talks about how the father himself struggles to accept his daughters’ passion and how he comes to accept it towards the end. The film managed to capture a myriad of emotions – pain, grief and joy and to captivate the audience with the stellar acting of the lead stars.

The event was rounded up by a short address by the judges who congratulated the students for the  work they had put in and also guided them with positive, constructive feedback on how they could improve their performances.


The response of the audience for the films was nothing short of spectacular – with each of the films receiving a standing ovation from the crowd. It was very impressive to see how professional the films themselves were, with each movie capturing an entire kaleidoscope of emotions, colours and music – all in the short span of twelve minutes!


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