Written by Ram Smaran Suresh

          The familiar smell of fresh currency, and tables adorned with green velvet were more than obvious indicators of Inspiria’s theme for Carnival ’17. Their majestic casino bustled with the excitement and astuteness of SNU’s gamblers. Just an hour into the Carnival, and the stall was already rife with hoards of people betting money (yes, real money), hoping to seize the chance to turn their fortunes. The opportunity to double the money in one’s pocket within merely a few seconds was just too irresistible for most who passed by the stall. And to add to it all, they had more than just one way to do it!

            Most went for Lucky 7: a simplistic game that decided the fate of many with just the roll of a dice. Rounds went by quickly, with several people throwing in ten rupee notes (or more if they felt really lucky) on the table at once. The crowd and chaos just added to the excitement and lifted the overall atmosphere at the stall. It’s one thing to gamble in solidarity, and it’s completely another to be surrounded with others who enhance the collective competitive spirit. Just around the corner of the Lucky 7 table was something slightly more technical: Blackjack. While most of the novices stuck to Lucky 7, the seasoned ones sat at the Blackjack table, which pitted the gambler at equal odds with the house, unlike the former. Hands were dealt professionally, as the players made the elusive decision to hit or stay. People weren’t short on superstitions either, with one person always betting with a particular ten rupee coin that brought lots of luck with it (which actually seemed to be working)!

            Inspiria’s stall turned out to be one of the most popular at Carnival’17. The club seems to be majorly upping the ante this semester, with two fantastic events that were very well received (the first one being “The Corporate Monopoly”). It’s certain that the corporate entity of SNU is on the rise, and given the terrific events it has produced this semester, we cannot wait to see the next trick that Inspiria is going to pull out of the bag.           



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