I was part of the TEDx Club until quite recently and had quite a role to play as I was part of the curation team (essentially related to overseeing the talks and helping the speakers formulate their ideas) for the latest event conducted by the TEDx Club. 

TEDx  is a platform for people with ideas and interesting perspectives to come together and share them, to generate discussion and possible change at a community level. The club at SNU sought to bring this spirit into the student environs by attempting to re-create a TEDx like event with students as speakers. The process began with the team approaching various 3rd and 4th years who were thought to have an idea or project to share. The curation team then sat with the speakers and guided them through the process of giving a TED talk.

The event was held on 8th April 2017, aptly christened IGNITE, with the tagline ‘Sparks of SNU today, flames of the world tomorrow’. The culmination of the event included nights of preparation with the creation of the intricate backdrop and stage setting (Bhavya Gupta and Vainee Bhatyal are to be credited, with the rest of us as the minions helping), a final line-up of speakers and performance talks in store.

With  Ashutosh Dutt and Ahana Raghuvanshi hosting, the event was underway. We had Ayush Bhattacharya singing a Frank Sinatra song ‘That’s Life’, whose lyrics reminded the audience never to give up; Sonali Verma danced out her  passion and commitment as an artiste; Akash Idnani spoke about giving a thought towards the food on your plate; Gautham Kanthasamy urged us by saying that we could be the next Warren Buffet if only we put our money in the right place; Aninya Gangal stunned us with her art and tried her best to tell us that we could all draw like that (I am unconvinced but willing to try); Gowtham Ps demonstrated and spoke about martial arts as something more than bodily actions-as meditation and as a route to bettering society around. There were a total of thirteen speakers and these are a few of them, but one can say that the time from 5:30pm-8:30pm in B315 was well-spent  as we got a glimpse of SNU’s student potential and reservoir of bright minds.


(Ayush Bhattacharya)                                                 (Speaker line-up)                        (picture credits: Prakriti Kayastha)


The entire process of putting up the event and attending the final production will be a part of my cultural contribution and memory of college life and I hope the club continues to put up such programs which inspire and bring people together.


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