The SNU IEEE conducted four events for the Carnival 2017.  The events held were Pinball, RC Car racing, Magnet-0-box and live wire. These events rolled back the clock and enabled everyone to have the experience of arcade games from their childhood again. Pinball was essentially an analog form of the game released back in 2000.  RC Car racing gave you the satisfaction of racing without any real danger and that adrenaline rush people get when they go fast ensured that many were satisfied by this event. Magnet-0-box was an event conducted with the help of an electromagnet and the force from the magnet was used to move the objects around. RC Car racing and Magnet-o-box were the most popular events that took place at the fest. Live wire was considered as one of the most challenging events where a hoop attached to handle was made to go through a wire like structure without touching the edges. Overall the events held by SNU IEEE were a huge success and were considered to be a lot of fun by the students.



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