Hurdles Every College Fresher Must Face

It is that time of the year, the time that marks the transition from school to college in most people’s lives. The time when thousands of 18 years old, having broken free from the chains of school life and with spirits soaring high, will leave their cradled life behind and embark on their journey of adulthood- landmarked with a landmark change of moving in hostels. Enthused with the prospect of this new, exciting life, students are often left disheartened when they realize college is not what they had in mind. Most times, it is the support of seniors, who having faced and gotten through this phase, is what gets them through too. That college is not what Karan Johar makes out to be in his movies is a bitter pill everyone swallows when the time arrives.

To soothe this transformation and make adjustment easier, however, we have compiled a list of all the hurdles that a fresher might face once he lands all alone in a college.

1.       Independence: For some, being in charge of your own decisions can lead to recklessness. Adulthood is not just being in charge of your own decisions but also facing their consequences with full responsibility. Learn to draw a line. Decide what is good and bad for you and act accordingly.

2.       Time management: It is easy to get swept in a world of late nights and groggy mornings. Make a routine and adhere to it. Balance your education and your social life. College will be a cakewalk.

3.       Being homesick: For many of us, college is first time away from home with a group of people you’ve never known before, eating food that is not just unfamiliar, but also bad. Engage with people, socialize, participate and volunteer for activities. Making friends will make your life a lot easier.

4.       Early morning classes: Don’t give into the temptation to miss the morning class. Maintain a minimum 75% in all courses. Life will a lot easier without having to worry about your attendance at every class.

5.       Bad mess food: It is a well-established fact that all daal servings will have more water than daal. Have alternate food options prepared in case the mess food feels like prison food to you. On the plus side, you’ll always be pleasantly surprised if the daal is actually daal.

6.       Not carrying the key to your room: Nobody wants to be locked out of their rooms for two hours.

7.       Not having enough money: College students are bound to be broke. It is always a good idea to have your finances in order by budgeting and having enough money to last you until the end of the month.

8.       Not learning from your first year: Your first year of college will be unforgettable. It will have its ups-and-downs but you’ll get through them. However, the end of the first year is the beginning of the second. With experience in hand, you can learn from your mistakes. Not doing that just makes you an idiot. Don’t make the same mistakes again, learn from them and you will emerge better and bolder.

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I am 19 years old, with a passion for writing poetry. I enjoy reading, watching romantic comedies, cooking and experimenting with food, and having arguments in my head.

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