“Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see”.

I was diagnosed with Lupus at the age of 19. And then with Lupus nephritis at the age of 21. Life was looking like a bed of thorns. Like every other human, even I needed something to hold onto. To prevent myself from slipping away. I chose my faith, my God. To my surprise, I was rewarded for trusting Him, much more than I deserved. I experienced a new dimension of love that I never knew existed. It was the beginning of my walk in the supernatural.

The first incident went something like this: THOUGHTS

I was sitting in my room thinking about Mark 1:10, “Immediately coming up out of the water, He (Jesus) saw the heavens opening, and the Spirit like a dove descending upon Him”. I thought to myself that, how cool would it be if I got something white from God? It was stupid and childish, I knew that.

The next day sitting by the TV, something caught the corner of my eye. I looked to my right only to see something stuck on the mesh door. I got up for a closer look and I got goose bumps from what I saw next. It was a white flower.

The second instance: DESIRES

Coming back from the hospital, I realised I had lost a lot of weight. My inner female soul was dying to go shopping. Like a lot of girls, I had a specific outfit in my head that I needed. I remember the ankle length palazzo pants had just started trending, and I was so desperate to buy one in black with a belt and a silver buckle in front. It looked cute in my head. I knew something this specific can never be found around where I live, but still I scanned around in the store. I had told my mom about what I had in mind. She quite randomly pulled out a hanger from the ‘pants’ section. And VIOLA, it was exactly the palazzo I had in mind from the material it was made of till the silver buckle! I couldn’t believe my eyes. And, ladies -this wasn’t even the real deal. I saw a board on top of it saying, “50% off”. My bliss had no bounds.

Third instance: PROTECTION

I had strict instructions from the doctors to “STAY AWAY” from infection, however small. Being on strong medication, even someone coughing around me was absolutely hazardous. Standing in the queue for an appointment, I was lost in thought. So lost that I hadn’t realised the woman sitting right behind me was sneezing and coughing her lungs out. It was only when she tapped on my shoulder I came to back reality. I turned around and she said:

“Hi can you move aside a little? I have a really bad cold, I don’t want you to get infected.”

Phew! That was a close call, I thought. I looked back later to see her still coughing but not tapping the next shoulder in front of her.

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Isha Ruhama Vedantam

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  • Isha! I saw your notification on the worship group and i just couldnt wait to read.
    The first thing i noticed was your cover image. All i saw was the *faith*.. it calls out to my heart even now. Many times we dont know someone but we recognise something in them.. i just felt like that image was saying hello to like faith eas sayin hi.
    Youre a beautiful writer too. I love how you put your expressions out there all so simply … its like a peaceful disorder. Like a beautiful and journeying mind. Thanks for wiritng

    The thoughts, the desires, the protection,… i can’t wait to read from you later on in your life. I connect so much to this becausr i have been desperate. I have been challenged. I have been weak and i have bren pushed into walls in my little life. But little is much when God is in it. My bigger connection to your words is in the part where you talk of the overflowing intensity of the experience of Gods love.
    I wanna feel free to share with you the portion of my heart that your article has taken me to. May i?

    I could start by talking about what caused my sickeness and what the disease was. Or how the hospital got some sort of solutions. But that window doesnt quite catch it. We’re not so interested in talking about sickness when we can talk of the healer.. Are we now? Lol

    I had been so isolated by my ilness, though. I had been taken aside by my experience. I spent time around people. And some time alone too. But the essential parts of me were taken aside. Set apart from the rest. Not alone. Just set aside. So i thought and thought.. and i desired.. lol! .. and i received.
    I received full and oveeflowing motions of love. And i can write on and on cos my journey is still rolling. I prayfor you to express your heart more.. for itis a torch for another person. And to keep asking.. and receiving..and giving. May your vessel keep pouring out. GOD was God the father before there was ever a son. He was healer before sickness showed up. He was peace before chaos came. And as his child you are who he says you are before anything you know or hear elsewhere.
    I pray many people see thier “white flower ” in the mesh. And thier perfect pallazo. And may you tap someone on the shoulder to tell them God is saying to move on ahead.
    Much love.

    Wherr it matters, you have been taken care of already

  • Beautiful testimony. God is good and he is always there at all times. I am grateful that even under the problems you are able to recognise and be grateful to him.

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