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With the end of another academic year approaching, it is almost time for Feeding India- SNU chapter’s annual Social Entrepreneur Summit (SES). Scheduled on April 8, 2018, with multiple NGOs catering to a wide variety of causes, this year’s event is expected to be much bigger and better than all the previous combined.

The SES is being organized by the SNU chapter of a New Delhi based NGO called Feeding India.  Founded in 2014 by Ankit Kawatra,  it now has branches in over 57 cities in India, with over 8500 volunteers and has served meals to over 12 million people in need. It also aims at solving problems related to malnutrition and food wastage.

But what exactly is the Social Entrepreneurship Summit and what does it aim to achieve? It is a platform to bring together various social entrepreneurs from different parts of our country under one roof, with the objective of inspiring the upcoming generation of taking the responsibility of improving the society. By focusing on a wide variety of causes such as hunger, illiteracy, environmental preservation and animal welfare, the SES is an event where multiple NGOs leading in their fields will unite and recruit volunteers who wish to make the society a better place. This year, FI-SNU has surpassed all expectations  set down by the success of the previous events, with their tie-ups with reputed NGOs like Bhumi which aims at educating and mentoring underprivileged children, Friendicoes which works for animal welfare, and Give Me Trees which is dedicated to planting and conserving trees, each of which are offering multiple internship positions for SNU students.  Regardless of your course and major, each person shall have an equal chance at scoring a prestigious internship that will be a great learning experience and look good on your resume as well.

Ultimately, if the opportunity of being selected for a good internship in the social sector during the summer break is not enough, you can always attend for the certificate, the delectable food, and some inspiration.  

So stay tuned for more information, register immediately and mark your dates for this Sunday, April 8, 2018.

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