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We don’t deliver steaming hot news bites that compete with The Times or The Hindu or any of the big fish. So  what makes us worth a read seeing as we have no claim to fame whatsoever?

To begin with, our content is inspired by the student community that we belong to. Students who have talents, dreams, ideas, opinions; students who care and finally students who will one day set out to change the world and have extensive articles written about their feats by The Times and others. So, as clichéd as it sounds, Campus Caravan  is a platform initiated by the students, for the students and we invite you to make full use of it.

We want to promote and encourage bright eyes, keen questions, acute observations and a balanced disposition when looking at problems, trends, events and achievements that surround us and hope it stimulates enough discussion to create connections amongst  people and across spaces.

So join us on this sojourn, make this website your own through your readership, suggestions, letters to the editor (see top menu) and contributions.

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