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There must be a novel or poem, or an author or poet whom you don’t like at all. Beyond the name and perhaps a little more, what else do you remember? Not very much, I’d imagine. Aniket Jaaware could quote from an endless array of poems and novels, word for word. He didn’t like all of them – Wordsworth, for instance. Or Lawrence. Yet he knew their writings, and their lives, inside out.

If we were to call him an “English Professor”, that would be like saying one cannot simply walk into Mordor – it’d be an understatement. Prof. Jaaware knew about so many different fields, from Dalit studies to critical theory to science fiction, amongst others. With so much knowledge, it would be fair to call him a polymath. The man was a genius – but a humble, smiling and funny one. One who always had time for this student, no matter how ridiculous or outlandish his questions were. He was, in many ways, like a certain wizard in Middle – earth.

Aniket sir was someone we as students greatly admired, and not just because of his massive intellect and kind personality. We also liked how he never taught through PPTs and just spoke about things, things which were seemingly unrelated but after giving it some thought, you realize that they were connected, and in ways you could have never otherwise have imagined. It takes a special man to realize all that, and an equally special teacher to be able to teach it to a class. When you think of movies like Dead Poet’s Society, you don’t really believe you can come across a single teacher who’s going to have such a profound impact on your life. Take a course with Prof. Jaaware, and you’ll see that that belief isn’t as true as you thought it was.

Aragorn, son of Arathorn, said, “In sorrow we must go, but not in despair. Behold! we are not bound for ever to the circles of the world, and beyond them is more than memory”

We’re going to miss you, Aniket sir.

Note: This article has been written by a student of Aniket sir as a tribute to him, on behalf of all his students


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