Written by Soumya Rampal

Faction, the quizzing society of Shiv Nadar University added a unique distinction to its credit by hosting two well-known game events – each with a twist. Free registrations were enough to garner a sizeable crowd but the games themselves were what drew everyone’s attention. The game of darts tested both brains and brawn of the participants. After testing one’s ability to aim and hit on the dartboard, the participants were asked to answer a question from the category that their dart had struck. The categories included Literature, Sports, Technology, Art and of course, Mixed Bag. The second game, Twister, also, did not just test the players’ flexibility but their ability to answer questions with single integer answers. Both of these events were a huge hit and the leader boards were updated quite often as people tried their hand at these traditional games. Faction’s stall and events incorporated the rustic carnival theme brilliantly and had some out-of-the-box ideas and questions to accompany the same.


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