One of the most student-friendly teachers at SNU, Dr. Anuradha Ravi is known for her student-friendly, learning-over-mugging approach to teaching. She has been a favourite among the students for her benevolent grading and for rewarding the effort put into the course by the students. She has also been the driving force behind many projects born out of SNU, including the Unipool app.

As she finishes her last semester here at SNU, see her in conversation with Aditya and Rohit; Prof. Anuradha talks about her teaching, her teachers and experiences from her time as a college student. That, plus some singing, RJ-ing and a special rapid fire round at the end!

Watch the video here:


Video recording: Gopinath, Goutham Kalikrishna

Editing: Akash Kankanala

Special Thanks: Niharika CNR, Sanjana Gautam

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