With only a few days before the commencement of one of the most widely anticipated events in Shiv Nadar University, Campus Caravan brings to you an insider’s  peek on the internal workings of TEDx club and how the core committee (along with the volunteers) work to make the conference a memory you won’t forget.

The gentle babble of a small fountain nearby, a pleasantly warm day and birds revelling in their song marked the beginning of the first episode of  Campus Caravan’s “Caravan Candids”. From the laughter and  amicable bickering, it’s extremely obvious that the TEDx team is a very tightly knit family. It’s one of the reasons why the club functions so well as a team. The core committee members present were Bhavya, the Creative and Design head; Yash, the Lead Organiser; Vainee, Co-organiser; and Ritwik, the Curator. The interview took on a lighthearted note and aimed to bring out the experiences and knowledge of each member from their own particular areas of expertise. The team revealed the many hurdles that they face almost constantly, how each complication poses a threat to the event, and how they keep their heads above the water in such situations. They also discussed the origins of TEDx in SNU, its visions, the mountains they’ve climbed to get to where they are now, and future plans.


Remind yourself that this TEDxShivNadarUniversity is more than a conference. It is a culmination of blood, sweat and tears of all the members of Organising Committee. Bring in your tickets this Sunday and be prepared to be enthralled, not only by the speakers, but also by the aura and ambience encompassing the stars of the galaxy, and an eye-opening event you can experience without a hitch.

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