Prof. R.N. Biswas is one of the most respected and also the most idolized professors at SNU. Be it his iconic “Namaskar”, his strict demeanour or the fact that even as he nears the age of 80, he lectures in a hall as big as B315 without a mic – everything about the man is as surprising as the quiz notifications he sends in the mornings.

We at Campus Caravan, as part of our Caravan Candids series had the opportunity to interview Prof. Biswas. We talked to him about things other than what we know from seeing him in classes- about his younger years, the stories he has, his fears and what not. The entire conversation will be released in 2 parts. Find links to both the parts below. Watch part 1 if you haven’t already.

PART 2 of the interview is now out! 

Watch it here:


Watch Part 1 here, if you haven’t already:

Special thanks to Anant Bajpai for helping with video recording and editing.

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