Breeze 2018 witnessed a vibrant and zestful ‘Football and Futsal’ tournament organised during all the three lively days of the fest at Shiv Nadar University. The tournament was played amongst the best of teams from as many as 14 colleges and universities across North India. Boys played football while girls played futsal.

The matches were played on February 9, 10 and 11 on the well maintained football fields facing the Indoor Sports Complex. The matches used to start at about 10 in the morning and went on late in the evening when the numerous floodlights surrounding the field illuminated the atmosphere. The tournament was organised by Anmol Mahajan with help from Shubham Joshi, Amit Chalka, Aksh Khanna and others. Overall it was a well conducted event with professional referees and good playing turf complementing the smooth functioning of the tournament.

The sun and the sky seemed to conspire to create the perfect weather for the women’s football matches of Breeze. With the warmth seeping in from the dying winter and clear blue skies, the games were off to an energetic start. All teams demonstrated some phenomenal footwork and coordination on the field. The initial matches between IIT Delhi, IP University, SNU, and Ashoka were lively, with each team fighting for their place in the finals. Ashoka was particularly impressive, scoring four goals against IIT Delhi in an intense match. The final match was between Ashoka and IP University, with Ashoka scoring two goals and winning the cup.


The following is the list of Futsal matches played in order:

Match 1:    IIIT Delhi  0-1    IP University

Match 2:    SNU           0-2    IP University

Match 3:    SNU           2-0    IIIT Delhi

Match 4:    Ashoka      4-0     IIIT Delhi

Match 5:    Ashoka      3-0     SNU

Match 6:    Ashoka      2-0     IP University

Winners –  Ashoka University

Some snapshots from the futsal matches




The Finalists: Team I.P. and Team Ashoka




The following is a day by day result of all the matches played in the football tournament:

Day 1: February 9, 2018

Match 1:      Sharda           6-0          G.L. Bajaj

Match 2:      SRM               0-0          SNU B

Match 3:      IIIT Delhi      1 -2         Bhagat Singh

Match 4:      SRCC              3-0         Jaypee Guna

Match 5:      Ashoka           2-0         SRM

Match 6:      Bennett          0-1         SNU A

Match 7:      OP Jindal       2-0        IIIT Delhi

Match 8:      Sharda           2-0         Jaypee Guna


Day 2: February 10, 2018

Match 09:     Ashoka              4-0         SNU B

Match 10:     G.L. Bajaj          0-1         SRCC

Match 11:      Galgotia            3-0         Bennett

Match 12:     Bhagat Singh    1-0         OP Jindal

Match 13:     G.L. Bajaj          0-0         Jaypee Guna

Match 14:     SNU A                1 -1         Galgotia

Match 15:     Sharda               0-0          SRCC


Day 3: February 11, 2018

Match 16:     Ashoka      2-0     Galgotia (Semifinal 1)

Match 17:     Sharda       1 -0     Bhagat Singh (Semifinal 2)

Match 18:     Sharda       2-0     Ashoka (Final)

Winners – Team Sharda

The first match itself saw six goals scored and in the following three days a total of 35 goals were scored in 18 matches. At the end of Day 2, six teams were undefeated: Sharda, Ashoka, SRCC, SNU A, Bhagat Singh and Galgotia with only two teams having won all their matches: Ashoka and Bhagat Singh. SNU’s A team won their first match and drew their second.
The final was contested between Sharda who had scored 9 goals earlier in the tournament and Ashoka who till then was the only team to win all their matches and had scored 8 goals in their previous matches. Sharda won the tournament defeating Ashoka in the final by 2-0 scoring a total of 11 goals in the tournament.


Some images from the Football tournament:

IIIT Delhi (in green) vs OP Jindal (in blue)

IIIT Delhi (in green) vs O.P.Jindal (in blue)



IIIT Delhi (in green) vs O.P.Jindal (in blue)



SNU B team

SNU B team


SNU B vs Ashoka

SNU B vs Ashoka


SNU B vs Ashoka



Team O.P. Jindal Warming up


Teams: Galgotia vs SNU A


Team Sharda (in black)




The final; Ashoka (in red) vs Sharda (in black)



The finalists ( Team Sharda and Team Ashoka)


Cheers to all the goals, the vibrant enthusiasm and to the participant teams, the players, the managers, the coaches, the organisers, the audiences and everyone involved.


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