Timeless Couture: The Fashion Show

The 90s was indeed a decade that saw the dawning of many exemplary fashion statements that are
still in vogue. The apparent resurgence of the 90s fashion marks its significance and the relevance
of “The Timeless Couture” conducted by Kalakriti, the creative club of SNU, on the last day of
Breeze’18. The fashion show intended to make us recount the most iconic fashion statements of the
1990s. while six of the eleven teams that contested were from SNU, the show also hosted well
known fashion societies in and around Delhi like the fashion society of Pearl academy and “The
Bandwagons” (fashion society of Sri Aurobindo). Teams from Maitreyi college for women, GNIOT
and Noida International university also participated in the show. With judges from the fashion
industry, grand stage, swanky lightings and a few professional ramp walks, The Timeless Couture
was no less than a customary fashion show. The winning team consisting of Gowri Shibu, Unnati
Srivastava, Ankita Joshi, Gehna Luthra and Uttara Nair from SNU, presented three outfits (one with
the grunge look, one inspired from Gabrielle Chanel and another from Naomi Campbell) that were
wholly abiding to the 90s theme. The team from Pearl’s academy bagged the second place with their
elegant outfits of diverse variety. A few teams did equally good jobs but couldn’t impress the
judges since they did not adhere to the theme. Overall, the show sure was a treat for audience as well
as the winners who won prizes worth Rs. 20,000.


Slam Poetry

             The slam poetry event, A&B Atrium.

The Slam Poetry event kickstarted with a quick introduction of the judges and soon the participants were called upon to acquire the podium. The event was held on the 11th February between the A and B academic blocks, where rests a symmetrical arena with trees surrounding the marble seats. The weather had become unexpectedly cloudy while the breeze was getting the better of us as it made the brown leaves overflow. The event kickstarted at 12:30 pm and wounded up at 1:30 pm. The crowd mostly comprised of the participants, while external audience was minimal. More than half of the contestants recited in Hindi while there were few who did it in English. It was largely an informal event based on the recitations that followed. The participants touched on various aspects of life, how their life has changed over the past few years and how a character development has occurred, how they have become more careless yet caring, met failure yet achieved success, struggled yet found happiness. Likewise, many aesthetic themes were touched upon. There were few who introduced themselves as engineers who solicited with the other youngsters who spent their teen years in the preparation of IIT and missed out the fun part that life had to offer in that stage. Urdu poetry was also recited where the speaker announced how greatness cannot be found as easily as beauty can be while also emphasizing on not striving to become multi-talented but focus and grow one thing. Topics also embraced feminism, democracy, depression, prostitution, acceptance, forgiveness and love.


                  The participants and the jury.

Aparajita Deb from Hansraj college was declared the winner who critiqued the way society looks at the prostitutes; the modulation of her voice and the structuring of the sentences had a greater impact on the audience. The event wound up with some last words by the judges who provided some tips on how one can slam better. They also stressed on the need for the improvisation in Hindi slam poetry and attributed it to the lack of effectual reading in the language. The main drawback was a scanty number of participants, and somewhere the event was unable to attract large number of participants resulting into a sparse competition. Nevertheless, the beauty lay in the few enthusiastic individuals who attained a chance to recite for the first time, and this promises that the tradition will only grow.

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