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Written by Arjav

Each one of us, at least once in our lives, has been told, that the deeds (punya and paap) that we perform in one life, determine the form of our next one. The goodness bears positivity and happiness for the next birth while the wickedness and sins bring about a despised life, full of sorrows.

This life form can vary a lot. We can be born as a peculiar insect that falls prey to its predators or a human baby that tragically dies the instant it is born. A lucky pet that is loved and cared for by its master, or, some stray dog that is beaten by the street kids and gets starved to death. The life can be given in the form of the successor of a wealthy man or as the offspring of a poor father who can barely afford his own life. A brother of 6 sisters who loses his father and has to take care of his family or as a young girl who will someday have to bear the pains of menstruation and pregnancy to bring a new life to existence, fulfilling the purpose of its own. Each birth is believed to be taking place, as a consequence of the previous one.

The list goes on and on, from being the smallest and the most insignificant beings to those with the dedication and faith of attaining nirvana (salvation) and thus, never being born again, getting relieved from the painful, vicious cycle of birth and death (moksha).

Let us assume all of this to be true.

Here, the questions arise:

How do we know that we are living our own lives?

How can we be so sure that we really are the humans that we have always thought of us to be and not some or rather, all other creatures?

How do we know that this is the ONE and ONLY body and soul that we are experiencing, living and feeling?


It is possible that we are living all kinds of lives, not just the person we think of ourselves to be (the name by which an individual is called) but on a much larger scale. A scale of measurement of a single tiny creature, with respect to the grand macrocosm.

We might ourselves be all of the intelligent apes, the dogs, the birds, the flies, the tiniest, the most humongous, the wealthiest, the poorest, the most beautiful, and the ugliest. Perhaps, we were the now extinct, dinosaurs, or still are some other part of this ever-expanding universe, contributing something to it, utilizing the force of life within themselves. We might be the ones having each of their body, their minds, and their hearts. We control what anyone really does or makes. Everything is up to us. We can feel what a street dog would feel or what Bill Gates or any of the greatest of the people might be feeling, thinking, and doing. We cannot be certain about who we are. We are who we think of ourselves to be.

We are simply unaware and ignorant of what we really are and which life we are truly living.

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We may think that we’re experiencing our lives as a human, but is this certainly it? Can this not be a mere mirage? Just a false conception that has now become a trend that we follow?

What if there is some way, yet undiscovered, through which, we can feel the lives of others. The lives of all kinds of existing beings.

If, maybe, e can see through the eyes of a dog, feels it’s life on the roads, feel what it does. All that we think and discover is just the result of our approach and perspective towards the thought and our capability of their inquisition.

Maybe, there is just one living being, sitting somewhere in this universe and we all are the pieces and consequences of his imagination. The pawns of his game of chess against the creator?

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Maybe all of us are that person, who has control of what any other human or living being sees, does, and feels. We are unable to control it, it might be involuntarily happening in our minds, our conscience has no clue about it but somewhere in our brain, the fight to make out our real form of existence is still going on.

Maybe there is no life, births, rebirths, or any after-life. It’s all a part of the imagination and the theories we have considered and have been told by our ancients, from ages ago.

Can we actually be sure that we aren’t dead already? It isn’t impossible that we already died, long ago, are dying along with every moment that fades away;

Dying, evolving, and experiencing different things and realities.

It is likely, that we are the ones with the control over each and everything that exists or ever existed.

All of the control sits in our brains and WE are the controllers of all of it. Every creation that exists, is a part of us. We control what any person or creature does. The world, as we have been seeing it might not be what it seems. There is much more to all that we can think and explore. We might be scared but we aren’t supposed to stop the cause of a little fear or any other reason. If we wish to learn further, we ought to put in more.

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  • Get engaged with your head.
  • It learns a lot, speaks little truth, deceives the most.

Every second that goes by, can be considered as an excerpt from the books of the existence of the considered 8.7 million species, thriving on this planet and all other creatures with life in the universe. Presently, we just feel and live all of them but can only remember and keep what our minds tell us to retain, which is anything but the truth.

Give your reasoning a thought. Shake your head out of the mirage, come to terms with the reality, which is simply what you want it to be. Nothing might be what we have considered it to be. It’s a whole another theory.


“The truth is forever undiscovered and beyond our comprehension. No matter how hard and how much we strive to learn and accept it, it keeps changing and evolving, into something new, exciting, and unknown.”

Arjav Jain

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