Abhishaap: A Poem

Photo by Church of the King on Unsplash
Written by Manika

Din dhalte hi dil ghabrata hai,
Andhere mein hui aahat se saham jaata hai,
Har ek anjaan chehra shaitan lagta hai,
Yeh dimag apnon ko bhi bina shak ki nigah ke nahi dekh paata hai,
Insaan hokar bhi insaan se hi darr lagta hai .
Meri taakat hi kyun meri kamzori ban gayi hai,
Kisi ki aseemit aazadi ke kaaran mujh par kyun bandish lagi hai,
Insaaniyat naa jaane kahan gum ho gayi hai.
Inn rakshason ke jahaan mein sundar lagna paap hai,
Maa, meri kya galti thi,
Kyun iss duniya mein ladki hona abhishaap hai.



A Curse

This heart skips a beat as soon as the sun begins to set,
Even the slight sound of the approach of someone when I am alone in the dark makes me feel anxious,
Every unknown face looks like a monster,
This mind is unable to look at even known people without bouts of doubt,
It is strange how despite being a human myself I am afraid of other humans.
Why has my strength turned into my weakness,
Why the unbounded freedom of some has imposed restrictions on me,
I wonder humanity has escaped to which land,
In today’s world inhabiting such demons, even looking beautiful is a crime,
Maa, what was my fault,
Why being born as a girl in this world ‘a Curse’.

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A chirpy person with an inquisitive mind, passionate about bringing reforms in the Indian education system and in love with the stars.

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