It is indisputable that TEDxShivNadarUniversity’17 is pacing into the limelight at quite a remarkable momentum. With the ticket sales starting at 10pm on the 10th of October  and all the hype that’s being created around the same, there’s one question we’ve all asked at some point – What’s with this TEDx anyways?  Well, we haven’t got any spoilers yet. Apart from their grand budget which is exuberantly high at 10 lakhs or probably more and some feelers we’ve heard, here are the top five reasons why you shouldn’t miss TEDxShivNadarUniversity’17.

  1.  If your savings are dwindling and you’re pondering over how you’ll manage to buy a ticket, this one’s for you.  What if I tell you that they just might reduce the price of the tickets this time for an event of twice the grandeur  (the event is budgeted to be around 10 lakhs)? Yes! As the price goes down, the tickets are going to be sold out faster. So, stay tuned!
  2. New merchandise! In the first conference, the audience kit was confined to just pens and notepads. This time, they plan on including more intriguing cool stuff. It is said that there are chances that they’ll put up an official TEDxShivNadarUniversity merchandise sale too.
  3. Who wouldn’t like an enticing makeover for our B315? Imagine B315 without the vexatious formulae on the board and the slumbering students yearning for the lecture to end. With a red carpet and dazzling lights embellishing the interior, we’d rather not miss the chance of witnessing B315 as it comes to life!
  4. Not just our tiresome routine, but the conference intends to exempt us from the mundane mess food too. The food last time was quite commendable with a fair number of varieties. This time it is expected to be even better (Insider tip: Jackpot cupcakes are coming back too!).
  5. Finally, there are the people who chased and are living their dreams. Those are the people who have triumphed the toughest battles of life. Would you miss a chance to let them enlighten you? TEDxShivNadarUniversity’17 brings you such people who might galvanise you in unbelievable ways. From a young entrepreneur to a theatre artist to a person combating depression, every one of us might meet our inspirational role models. So, get ready for the motivational vibes!

So TEDxShivNadarUniversity’17 is not going to be a revamped version but is expected to be of twice as glamorous than the first.

Let’s hope that we get more specifics of the event through the Campus Caravan live press conference with the TEDx core in the coming week. The conference has been planned to go live on Facebook. So, look out and keep track of the updates.

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