Campus Caravan Freshers’ Edition 2020

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The edition can be viewed or downloaded below:

Link to Campus Caravan Freshers’ Edition 2020

Hello Everyone!

We warmly welcome you all to the SNU family! We are extremely excited to finally unveil our Freshers’ Edition 2020!
Just like every edition of Campus Caravan, the 2020 edition is extremely close to our hearts and just a little more special for it has been compiled in a year that none of us will forget.
We’ hope we’ve created something of value to you, and that you have as much fun reading this as we did while creating it. With something for everyone in this, we’re sure you’ll discover something that interests you!
Do give it a read and get back to us! We’ll be eagerly awaiting to hear what you all think about it and can’t wait to meet you all

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